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Alex Ince

Educational Consultant

Alex’s perspective as an admissions gatekeeper coupled with her advocacy skills combine to make her a highly effective educational consultant. This skill set, as well as her knowledge of independent schools and relationships with admissions directors, enable Alex to expertly guide families through the admissions process.

Alex's Bio

Alex holds a Juris Doctor from The Vermont Law School and a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Political Science from Barnard College, Columbia University. Prior to becoming an independent educational consultant, Alex was the Director of Admissions at The Frederick Gunn School (formerly The Gunnery), a traditional New England boarding school in Washington, Connecticut, where she worked for ten years. During her tenure, she guided families through all aspects of the admissions process and interviewed close to 1000 students. 

Her passion for working with students took shape at the beginning of her professional life when she was an attorney for the United States Environmental Protection Agency for ten years. Throughout that time, she connected with underserved youth in New York City, serving as a mentor for teenagers and providing them with new experiences and confidence.  

In addition to working with families across the U.S., Alex has extensive experience guiding international families who are seeking enrollment in independent boarding and day schools. Recognizing the power of bringing students together from around the world to learn from one another and develop into global citizens, she is dedicated to working with international students to find the best U.S. educational opportunities.

Alex lives with her husband, two teenaged sons, and three dogs in Litchfield, County, CT. She loves hiking, meditating, birding, and the Foo Fighters. You can reach Alex by email here or at (917) 747-7925.

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