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Angie Fusco, M. Ed.

Therapeutic Educational Consultant

After 28 years of work in therapeutic programs, Angie is excited to be helping children and families with their therapeutic needs. 

Angie's Bio

 Angie’s passion is helping adolescents and young adults realize their full potential, and that no matter how much confusion or pain they may be experiencing, with the love and support of their family and timely professional help, they can overcome the issues they are facing and mature into happy, healthy young adults. She believes that healthy children come from healthy families and that the overall success of interventions and long-term health of the client largely revolve around the work done and supported by the family. She believes it is essential for the whole family system to be part of the process and receive support.

Angie completed her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a Master of Education from Middle Tennessee State University. She also received her teaching certification from Missouri Baptist University. She has enjoyed a variety of career interests and worked as a recreational therapist, outdoor therapeutic field staff and supervisor, program administrator, special projects manager, Director of Organizational Development for a leading adolescent mental health organization, Director of Staff Development and Training, and an Executive Director of several Residential Treatment Centers and Therapeutic Boarding Schools for both male and female adolescents. Angie also holds a national certification as a Master SAMA Facilitator, (Satori Alternative to Managing Aggression) and prides herself in teaching others how to safely and respectfully treat children who pose a physical danger to themselves and others while in crisis.

For over two decades, Angie has long been recognized and distinguished in the therapeutic community as a dedicated and steadfast advocate for children and families. Throughout her career, she has helped children and families recognize their unique strengths and capabilities. She is also known for her infectious enthusiasm and passionate belief in people. It is this passion and belief that has helped to inspire the children and families she has worked with to become stronger, empowered, and healthy. She has dedicated her professional career to helping children and their families and believes in working in partnership with her clients to promote lasting healing, change and the restoration of families.

In her spare time Angie is a dedicated and devoted mother to her teenage daughter Carolyn and their new puppy Luna. She also enjoys coaching youth soccer and softball and can be found being an “enthusiastic cheer mom” on most weekends. Whenever possible, Angie relaxes by reading, listening to music, watching movies and, she is an avid baker and outdoor enthusiast. As a native of St. Louis, Missouri, Angie developed a love of their professional sports teams so she is a devoted professional sports fan during baseball and hockey season.

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