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Therapeutic Services

When your child is struggling, it can be scary, and finding the right solution is urgent. However, it becomes overwhelming navigating a vast industry in which the line between good marketing and quality services is often indistinguishable.

We are here to help.

The Price Group simplifies this process, so you can focus on where your energy is needed the most.


Our team of consultants guides you through the entire process, from the initial evaluation to life beyond treatment, helping you make the best decision for your child. 

We connect families to a variety of services and programs:

  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools (TBS)

  • Short Term Stabilization and Assessment Programs

  • Residential Treatment Centers (RTC)

  • Recovery Centers and Services

  • Transitional Living and Aftercare Programs

  • Parent Coaching

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We will help you find an effective program or treatment facility for:

  • The student who has seen repeated failures

  • The student battling with adoption and/or grief issues

  • The defiant student acting outside of the family’s boundaries

  • The student whose behavioral and/or emotional problems must be addressed before academic needs can be met

  • The student who is identifying with a negative peer group

  • The struggling student with serious psychiatric illness, eating disorders, or psychoses

  • The student battling with addiction

  • The student struggling with unresolved trauma

  • The impulsive student caught up in the legal system

We are dedicated to helping families and children who are struggling with behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges.

Diagnostic & Assessment Services

The Price Group’s team includes clinical and school psychologists that can review any prior testing and provide an in-depth assessment and insight to each student's unique needs and challenges.

Assessment services may include:

  • School Observation

  • Psychoeducational Testing

  • Educational-Only Testing

  • Secondary School Aptitude Test

  • Flex Test 

Parent Coaching Services

We help families build stronger and more resilient foundations for managing the challenges and conflicts that inevitably arise, especially during periods of transition. Through coaching, parents try on new skills in a safe "container," and to grow beyond what they thought was possible.

What you'll gain:

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Tools for managing your own emotional distress

  • A toolkit for navigating potential problematic and challenging behaviors

  • Increased ability to communicate difficult feelings with your child and/or partner.

We are a bridge between your family's needs and the best options available.

Give us a call today to find out what The Price Group can do to to help students realize their potential and reach their goals.

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